Our Ministries

The breadth of these ministries demonstrates our obedience to the Great Commission. The support of God's people through prayers, gifts and Ministry Shares makes this work possible.

Fine Arts Ministry

Our Mission
The Mission of the Fine Arts Ministry is to lead the congregation into a true Worship Experience. Through the Arts Ministry, the atmosphere of each service is set for the Word of God. The Fine Arts Ministry’s sole purpose is to reach and impact lives, through a culmination of our F.A.D.E. Dance Ministry, musicianship, Mime Ministry and Music Ministry.

Men’s Fraternity: A Fraternity of Knights

Inspired by the infamous teachings of Dr. Robert Lewis.
The mission of the Men’s Fraternity ministry is to connect the men under a unified focus and mission to advance the ministry. Through regularly scheduled meetings, socials, and workshops, the ministry looks to provide support services for the current men in the ministry.

W.I.R.E.D. Women’s Ministry

The Women’s Ministry seeks to support the women within and without the ministry.
Our desire is to build healthy relationships within the church and without. Under the direction of the Spirit of God, the women meet twice a month for spiritual enrichment and imprecation. The W.I.R.E.D. Women are a group of women Walking in Righteousness, Evangelism, and Discernment.

Youth & Teen Ministry

The Youth Ministry seeks to give children the foundation needed to become successful, active, leaders in the community using biblical principles. All youth are encouraged to come out and attend our Super Saturdays, every 3rd Saturday of each month. Boys 2 Men (B2M) and The Plug (for teens) is sure to bless your child(ren)!

We need your help.

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